The name Iringa, comes from the word Lilinga which in Kihehe language means the Fort.The Wahehe is the tribe that owned this area had put a fort here so as to monitor enemies before they would reach the chief's palace in Kalenga. The Germans also came to build their fort on top of this hill, after they managed to conquer the Wahehe in the second battle between them.In he first encounter the Germans were truly beaten, their commander Von Zelewiski was killed and a few of his men were spared and sent back to warn their masters never to come back to the Wahehe land. Zelewiski's grave still exists at Lugalo a few kilometers from Iringa town. This blog is about this great town Iringa. And I was lucky to have been born here.

Monday, June 13, 2016


Bustani ya Mungu - God's Garden that is the name the locals call the Kitulo Plateau, botanists call it the Serengeti of Flowers, comparing it to the Serengeti National Park which is filled with huge varieties of animals. This beautiful place is filled with colourful varieties of flowers. Formerly this beautiful place was known as Elton Plateau after Fredrick Elton saw this area for the first time in 1870, in 1960 FAO began wheat and sheep farming in this area. In 2005 Kitulo was declared a National Park.

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