Sunday, October 9, 2016


Among the special events that happened on Kihesa day was giving certificates of recognition to some of the elders from Kihesa. The Guest of Honour a product from Kihesa  Raymond Peter Mbilinyi who was the Director of  TIC presented the certificates to 10 Kihesa elders.
1.     The Late Mzee Jumbe Omary Mwambuma –Represented by Obed Abdallah Jumbe Omary
2.     The late Mzee Lupembe Mgopinyi-Represented by Joseph Lotti Lupembe
3.     Mzee Lucas Vigungula Mtumbuka
4.     The late Mzee Emmanuel Abraham Mwachang’a-Represented by Sinai Emmanuel Mwachang’a
5.     The late Mzee Philipo Sawani Pilla -Represented by Cain Mathew Sawani
6.     The late  Mzee Anderson Zabron Mwanyato- Represented by Lillian Anderson Senyatto
7.     Mr Seth Metusela Mwamotto
8.     Profesa Jailos Amos Matovelo Mwampogole( Mwakilishi) George Kimbe
9.     The late Norbert Zulu Represented by Julieth Zulu
10.  Benedict Kimbisa
Four Elders represented all the elders of Kihesa
1.     The late Bernard Mtarusto Mbigili
2.     Elizabeth Semsamba Kihahe
3.      John Mauya Kihade
4.     Margreth Nyagawa

Mzee Lucas Mtumbuka

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